What is the ONE VOICE approach?

For more than 30 years, the ONE VOICE approach has been teaching healthcare providers how to create a more emotionally safe environment during medical procedures. Developed by a Certified Child Life Specialist (CCLS), the ONE VOICE approach identified multiple common practices that cause children anxiety and replaced them with ways healthcare professionals could minimize those stressors. There are so many things that healthcare professionals can do to help lessen the trauma during medical procedures.  Here are eight elements that make a difference.
One voice should be heard during procedure
Need parental involvement
Educate the patient before the procedure
Validate child with your words
Offer comfort position and pain management
Individualize your game plan
Choose appropriate distraction to be used
Eliminate unnecessary people not actively involved
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What Professionals Are Saying

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We’ve all seen it happen….

The Less Effective Way….

There is an antiquated belief among some healthcare professionals about immunizations and they’re often able to convince unknowing parents that “The best way is to just hold them down and get it done fast.”

We often see kids being forced to lie down, parents standing nearby helplessly, children terrified, screaming and uncooperative, and when it’s over, children, their caregivers and staff are traumatized.

Did you know that when young children recount the trauma experienced during needles procedures, they often don’t even mention the poke? Instead, when they recount their stories through tears of trauma, they say, “They held me down.” It has been repeatedly shown that children who receive injections while lying report a higher incidence of pain, and that is usually intensified by being held down.

Have you ever thought, “There must be a better way?”  There is.

The Better Way…

Using the ONE VOICE approach helps minimize the chaos and trauma that children experience during medical procedures.
Emotional Safety
Increased cooperation


The mission of ONE VOICE is to educate healthcare professionals to provide an emotionally safe environment, thus reducing the incidence of emotional trauma to children, families and staff. Through this work we transform the way care is provided to children in healthcare settings.

I’m Debbie Wagers, a Certified Child Life Specialist (CCLS) and the creator of ONE VOICE. I’ve been a CCLS for more than 30 years and I’m pretty sure I’ve encountered many of the same challenges that you all encounter every day.

The lives of the children and families we serve are greatly impacted by implementing the ONE VOICE approach. I see it work every day! The desire to help make a difference for kids in the world of healthcare is what has driven me to keep moving forward with ONE VOICE to keep spreading the word. Each person visiting this website is visiting because you all want to make a difference, too! You’ve taken the first step, let ONE VOICE take you a step further!